A little bit(e) about us.

We give a human face, and a human experience, to digital marketing—an industry that, sometimes, can feel a little bit robotic, a little bit cold, and a little bit buttoned up.

TwoBite is a Toronto-based digital marketing agency, and a team of tight-knit experts who have worked in and around marketing for many years. TwoBite exists because we all share the same passion: we want marketing agencies to be better, and to be different.

We’re an every day is Casual Friday type of (remote) agency that can still bear down, do our job really, really well (if we may toot our own horn), and produce results for clients big, small, and somewhere in-between.

Our History

Co-founders Mark and Emma created TwoBite in 2018 when they saw a gap in existing digital marketing agencies. They noticed these agencies had quick turnovers and clients who weren’t being prioritized—often spending thousands of dollars without really knowing what had happened, the strategy behind the agency’s decisions, or how to improve their business overall.
We want digital marketing to be exciting and collaborative, improving the client’s experience while empowering them to make positive changes in their business. What started off as a passion project quickly became an established digital marketing agency that does things differently.

The TwoBite Team


Mark (he/him) is the co-founder and Growth & Acquisition Lead at TwoBite. He leverages his 5+ years of experience building high performing channels that drive predictable and sustainable growth across various industries. If he’s not reading about the latest Google news, you can find him playing with the latest gadgets, or laughing at dad jokes.


Emma (she/her) is the co-founder and Web Development Lead at TwoBite. She leverages her 5+ years of experience building high performing landing pages/websites and her background in Search Engine Optimization to create growth optimized experiences for users across a multitude of industries. In her down time you can find her cuddling her animals and watching trashy reality t.v.


Merissa (she/her) is the account manager here with TwoBite! Her main duties are to make sure that our team is able to seamlessly integrate ourselves into your business and make sure we exceed your expectations. Merissa has an extensive background in psychology and client assistance. She enjoys spending her time immersed in nature with her two Australian Shepherds.


Brydon McMillen (he/him) is a digital marketing specialist at TwoBite Digital currently managing a small handful of accounts. His specialties are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Landing Page Optimization. He is highly results-oriented and loves helping businesses discover new revenue streams they didn’t even know existed.


Steph Davidson (she/her) has been a content writer for over 10 years, with a background in editorial, PR, copywriting, and marketing. She’s Team Oxford Comma and when she’s not writing she can be found experimenting with vegetarian cooking and watching horror movies with her senior cats.


Tudor (he/him) is a seasoned SEO professional with 6+ years of experience helping business succeed in the organic search space. With experience working on SEO projects in both the B2B and B2C space across multiple different industries, no projects is to complex for Tudor to handle. When not helping businesses dominate the top rankings in Google, Tudor enjoys expressing his artistic side through the art of photography.


Will Kemp (he/him) is a Toronto-based writer, editor, and dog enthusiast who’s been working with words in some capacity for over ten years—whether it be writing them, editing them, or speaking them into a microphone. He not only works as a copy editor and copywriter for TwoBite, but is involved in the Canadian literary community as an editor/writer, former book distributor, and community organizer, running the bi-weekly Pivot Reading Series. His life goal is to pet every dog in the world. If you can help him reach this goal, please let him know.

Do we sound like the right fit for you?

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